Accept Terms and Conditions before Join ICCWIN

Iccwin and all the accounts registered thereto operate under VB Digital N.V. Operator is licensed and regulated by Curacao Gaming Commission at 9 Abraham de Veerstraat, Curacao with license number GLH-OCCHKTW0712302019.

General Rules

You agree that, at all times, when using the Service

  • We reserve the right to reject a registration request from any applicant at our sole discretion and without any obligation to communicate a specific reason.
  • Before using the Service, you must personally complete the registration form and read and accept these Terms. Any person registering on ICCWIN accepts and acknowledges the terms and conditions published on the platform, and accepts that such terms may be changed at any time by the bookmaker without prior notice.
  • The Bookmaker may request any identification document from the User to verify his identity.
  • To withdraw your winnings, we may require you to become a Verified Customer, including passing certain checks. You may be required to provide valid proof of identification and any other documents deemed necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, a photo ID (copy of passport, driver’s license or national ID card).
  • We reserve the right to suspend betting or restrict account options until the required information is received. This procedure is carried out in accordance with applicable gaming regulations and anti-money laundering legal requirements. In addition, you must fund your Service Account using the payment methods set out in the payment section of our Website.
  • You must provide accurate contact information, including a valid email address (“Registered Email Address”), and update such information in the future to keep it accurate.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information in your Account up to date. If you fail to do so, you may not receive important Account-related notices and information, including changes we make to these Terms.
  • We identify and communicate with our customers through their registered email address. It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain an active and unique email account, to provide us with the correct email address, and to inform the Company of any changes to their email address.
  • Each Customer is fully responsible for maintaining the security of their Registered Email Address to prevent third parties’ use of their Registered Email Address. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss deemed or alleged to result from communications between the Company and the Customer using the Registered Email Address.
  • Any Customer who does not have an email address traceable by the Company will have their Account suspended until such an address is provided to us. We will immediately suspend your Account upon written notice to you to that effect if you intentionally provide false or inaccurate personal information. We may also take legal action against you for doing so in certain circumstances and/or contact the relevant authorities, who may also take action against you.
  • All documents registered on the Platform must be legal in your current country of residence. The user is responsible that the registered data is truthful and can be verified by the bookmaker. The bookmaker will verify the data of all users to ensure that the user has provided reliable data and belongs to an adult.
  • You are only allowed to register one Account on the Service and no User may register more than once or have more than one Account. Accounts are subject to immediate closure if you are found to have multiple accounts registered with us. This includes the use of representatives, family members, associates, affiliates, related parties, connected persons and/or third parties operating on your behalf.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to inactivate, block or delete any duplicate account, any balance earned on such account will be declared null and void and if the version then has any credit left on deposit this will be returned to the user by the same means as login if possible.
  • In order to ensure your financial solvency and confirm your identity, we may ask you to provide us with additional personal information, such as your first and last name, or use any third-party information providers we deem necessary. In the event that additional personal information is obtained through third parties, we will inform you of the data obtained.
  • You must keep your password for the Service confidential. Provided that the requested account information has been provided correctly, we are entitled to assume that bets, deposits, and withdrawals have been made by you. We advise you to change your password regularly and never disclose it to third parties. It is your responsibility to protect your password and any breach of your password is at your own risk.
  • You may log out of the Service at the end of each session. If you believe that your Account information is being misused by a third party, or that your Account has been hacked, or that your password has been discovered by a third party, you must notify us immediately. You must notify us if your registered email address has been hacked; however, we may ask you to provide additional information/documentation so that we can verify your identity. We will immediately suspend your account once we become aware of such an incident. In the meantime, you are responsible for all activity on your Account, including access by third parties, regardless of whether the access was authorized by you.
  • You must not at any time transmit any content or other information from the Service to another Customer or any other party by means of a screenshot (or another similar method), or display such information or content in a frame or in any other manner that is different from how it would appear if such Customer or third party had typed the Service URL in the browser line. Keeping the communication of information and content exclusively with the site.
  • Upon registration, you will receive the ability to use all currencies available on the website which may be limited to the local currency depending on the country. In the currency in which the account is operated your deposits, withdrawals and bets placed and won on the Service will be handled as set out in these Terms. Some payment methods are not processed in all currencies. In such cases, depending on the country and currency availability, the payment methods available for that currency will be provided.
  • As gaming operators, we are under no obligation to open an Account for you, and our registration page on the Website is merely an invitation. It is at our sole discretion whether or not to proceed with the opening of an Account for each customer and, in the event that we refuse to open an Account for you, we are under no obligation to provide you with a reason for the refusal. Upon receipt of your application, we may contact you to request further information and/or documentation in order to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations.


  • Accounts may be used in the local currency of the country in which the Service is operating, all account balances and transactions appear in the currency used for the transaction.
  • We do not offer any type of credit or loans for the use of the Service.
  • We may close or suspend an Account if you are not complying or we reasonably believe that you are not complying with these Terms, or to ensure the integrity or fairness of the Service or if we have other reasonable grounds to do so. We may not always be able to give you advance notice. If we close or suspend your Account because you are not complying with these Terms, we may cancel and/or void any of your bets and retain any money in your account (including your deposit).
  • We reserve the right to close or suspend any Account without prior notice and return all reloaded funds, in the event that the funds in the account are the result of fraudulent or bad faith actions within the system the balance will be considered Null and Void. However, the contractual obligations already due will be fulfilled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse, restrict, cancel or limit any wager at any time and for any reason, including any wager that is perceived to be fraudulent in order to circumvent our wagering limits and/or the regulations of our system.
  • In case of detecting erroneous release of balances to any account due to play determination problems the bookmaker is entitled to withdraw such balance without prior notice. If any amount is mistakenly credited to your Account, it will remain our property and when we become aware of such an error, we will notify you and the amount will be removed from your Account.
  • In case of any type of balance consumption which has been erroneously released in your account, either by any situation related to a bet, deposit, withdrawal or any type of transaction, the bookmaker has the right to withdraw such balance without prior notice and make effective the collection of such balance through the internal tools of the system making the user debtor of such amount until recovering the amount spent.
  • In case of detecting or having knowledge of any error with respect to your Account you must inform us immediately through the customer service channels.
  • Betting is purely for entertainment and pleasure and you must stop as soon as it ceases to be enjoyable and pleasurable. Absolutely do not bet anything that you cannot afford to lose.
  • If you feel you have lost control of your betting, we offer a self-exclusion option. Simply send a message to our Customer Service Department using your registered email address stating that you wish to exclude yourself, and this request will take effect within 24 to 72 hours of receipt. In this case, your account will be disabled until further notice and you will not be able to access it.
  • It is not possible under any circumstances to transfer, sell or pledge your account to another person. This prohibition includes the transfer of any assets of value of any kind, including but not limited to account ownership, winnings, deposits, wagers, rights and/or claims in relation to these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise. The prohibition of such transfers also includes, but is not limited to, encumbrance, pledge, assignment, assignment, usufruct, trading, brokering, mortgage and/or donation in cooperation with a trustee or any other third party, company, natural or legal person, foundation and/or association in any form whatsoever.


  • In order to access the services of the online personal account, the user must top up the account by depositing real money either electronically or through authorized points of sale.
  • All deposits must be made from an account or payment system or credit card that is registered in your name, and any deposits made in any other currency will be converted using the daily exchange rate obtained at our own bank’s or payment processor’s current exchange rate, after which your Account will be deposited accordingly. Please note that some payment systems may apply additional currency exchange rates which will be deducted from the amount of your deposit.
  • Fees may apply to customer deposits and withdrawals, which can be viewed on the Website. In most cases, we absorb transaction fees for deposits to your ICCWIN account. You are responsible for your own bank charges that you may incur for depositing funds with us.
  • Any additional transaction taxes or fees will be your responsibility and will therefore be deducted from the amount deposited.
  • The Company is not a financial institution and uses a third-party electronic payment processor to process credit and debit card deposits; they are not processed directly by us. If you deposit funds with a credit or debit card, your Account will only be credited if we receive an approval code and authorization from the issuer of the payment. If your card issuer does not provide such authorization, those funds will not be credited to your Account.
  • You agree to pay in full all payments and charges due to us or payment providers in connection with your use of the Service.
  • You agree not to make any charges or waive or cancel or otherwise reverse any of your deposits, and in any event, you will refund and compensate us for such unpaid deposits, including any expenses we incur in the process of collecting your deposit, and you agree that any winnings from wagers using such recharged funds will be forfeited.
  • As an account holder you acknowledge and agree that your player account is not a bank account and is therefore not guaranteed, insured, or otherwise protected by any deposit insurance or banking insurance scheme or any other similar insurance scheme of any other jurisdiction, including but not limited to your local jurisdiction. In addition, the Player Account does not bear interest on any funds deposited therein.
  • If you choose to accept any of our promotional or bonus offers by entering a bonus code during the deposit, you agree to the Bonus Conditions and the terms of each specific bonus.
  • All deposits of funds from criminal and/or illegal and/or unauthorized activities are prohibited.
  • If you deposit using your credit card, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the transaction records and a copy of these Terms.
  • Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to deposit on this site. It is your responsibility to know the laws regarding online gambling in your country of domicile.
  • The User shall not hold the Bookmaker responsible for the operation of deposit platforms owned by third parties (banks/payment gateways).
  • If any difficulty arises with a deposit that is directly related to the means of payment used or directly awarded to the third party entity for deposits, we reserve the right to limit our action in this process and redirect the user to the corresponding entity.


  • We reserve the right to request a photo ID, address confirmation or perform additional verification procedures (request your selfie, arrange a verification call, etc.) in order to verify your identity before granting any withdrawals from your Account. We also reserve the right to perform identity verification at any time during the term of your relationship with us.
  • All withdrawals must be made to the original debit card, credit card, bank account, or payment method used to make the payment on your Account. We may, at our discretion, allow you to withdraw to a payment method from which your original deposit did not originate. This will always be subject to additional security checks.
  • If you wish to withdraw funds, but your account is inaccessible, inactive, blocked, or closed, please contact our Customer Service Department.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee the successful processing of withdrawals or refunds in the event that you violate the restricted use policy for gaming and gambling services in your country of residence.
  • In the instant that the player wishes to withdraw money from his gaming account presented in a credit balance, the operator must accept and order the payment within a maximum of 72 business hours.
  • Please note that the bookmaker, before making any payment transaction, will verify the information provided by the player in the account opening process. Also, the player has complied with the condition of predicting 50% on each deposit to acquire the credits.
  • Withdrawal notes intended to be paid by transfer cannot be canceled since they enter a verification process for their payment.
  • The user shall assume any tax or cost for the payment transaction. Therefore, these may be discounted by the bank from the transferred value.
  • Withdrawal notes will only be paid once, the system will not accept any copy of this.
  • The maximum withdrawal value is equal to the balance available for withdrawal in the user’s account.
  • Only the system’s withdrawal note format will be accepted, for this reason, the system allows the user to save the file or print it for later payment.
  • We will have the option of cash withdrawal in the different stores commercially related to the entity or allied networks for transactions with the betting house.

System Errors

  • In the event of an error or malfunction of our system or processes, all bets will be void. You are obliged to inform us immediately as soon as you become aware of any error in the Service.
  • In the event of any communication or system errors, or bugs or viruses in connection with the Service and/or payments made to you as a result of a defect or error in the Service, we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or claims arising or resulting from such errors, and we reserve the right to void all games/bets in question and to take any other action to correct such errors.
  • We make every effort to ensure that we do not make errors when publishing bookmaker lines. However, if as a result of human error or system problems a bet is accepted at odds that are: materially different from those available in the general market at the time the bet was placed; or clearly incorrect given the likelihood of the event occurring at the time the bet was placed, then we reserve the right to cancel or void that bet or to cancel or void a bet placed after an event has started.
  • We are entitled to recover from You any overpaid amounts and to adjust Your Account to rectify any errors. An example of such an error could be where a price is incorrect or where we enter an event result incorrectly. If there are insufficient funds in your Account, we may require you to pay us the outstanding amount for the erroneous bets. Accordingly, we reserve the right to cancel, reduce or remove any outstanding play, whether or not it has been placed with funds derived from the error.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to cancel or void any gaming market at any time and at its discretion in order to maintain transparency and accuracy in the gaming service.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to cancel any wager that goes against the risk control, in addition to eliminating any withdrawal generated based on any error in the system which shows erroneous balance releases.
  • We reserve the right and at our discretion to fix massive bugs or glitches in the platform, without providing specific details on the issue to the user, keeping the intellectual property of the software safe.