ICCWIN Ice Hockey

This page provides information on Ice Hockey betting at ICCWIN. Read about upcoming Ice Hockey events, current odds, and types of bets as well as some useful tips to help you bet even more rupees on the sport.

What is Ice Hockey?

Description of ice hockey and features for betting on this sport

Ice Hockey is a team sport played on ice (Hockey rink) by moving around on skates. The aim of the game is for two teams to face off against each other and there are six players on each side, three forwards, two defenders, and one goalkeeper. During the game, the Hockey players use their sticks to pass the rubber puck, trying to shoot as many times as possible into the opponent’s goal while trying to defend their own goal. Each hit of the puck into an opponent’s goal is considered a goal and counts for one point. The highest number of goals scored determines the winner of the match.

Upcoming Ice Hockey matches 

Nearest games and dates on which you can bet on ICCWIN Ice Hockey

Hockey is not only a professional sport but also an Olympic sport. Today there are many high-level sporting events such as the World Championship, NHL, AHL, CHL, and others. The ICCWIN bookmaker offers its customers a wide range of matches to NHL betting, with high odds and a variety of markets, as well as betting on some other popular leagues. Check out the table below to find out about upcoming ICCWIN Hockey matches:

NHLDetroit Red Wings vs.Florida Panthers01/07 03:00 AM
NHLCalgary Flames vs.New York Islanders01/0705:00 AM
NHLAnaheim Ducks vs.San Jose Sharks01/0706:00 AM
Canada Western Hockey LeagueMoose Jaw Warriors vs.Calgary Hitmen01/0704:00 AM
Asia LeagueEast Hokkaido Cranes vs. Yokohama Grits01/0709:00 AM
Asia League Red Eagles Hokkaido vs. Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks01/07 09:00 AM
Asia League Tohoku Free Blades vs. Anyang Halla01/0811:00 AM
Champions Hockey LeagueTappara vs. EV Zug01/1007:30 PM
Champions Hockey LeagueFrolunda HC vs. Lulea HF01/1008:05 PM

And these are not the only Ice Hockey matches available for betting. The ICCWIN sportsbook offers plenty of other Ice Hockey events where you can find a match that interests you and place a bet on it.

How to place a bet on Ice Hockey

Easy ICCWIN step by step instructions for beginner bettors how to bet on Ice Hockey

Now that you know what Ice Hockey matches are coming up, you will certainly want to place a bet. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to place a bet on Ice Hockey on the ICCWIN platform. Here’s what you need to do:


Open the official ICCWIN website via your computer browser or mobile device. You can also use the bookmaker’s mobile app.


Register or log in to an existing account with your username and password. 


Deposit using any convenient payment method offered by the bookmaker.


Choose your betting platform by opening the sportsbook, ICC Sport, SBO, or other platforms, and select Ice Hockey from the list of available sports disciplines.


Select the Ice Hockey event you want to bet on, click on the odds and market you are interested in, and enter the amount of your bet in the Coupon.


Next, confirm the placing of your bet.

After these steps, your bet will be accepted. All you will have to do is wait for the match to be over and if your bet turns out to be a winning one, you will automatically receive the winnings in your betting account.

Types of bet on Ice Hockey

On the ICCWIN platform, you can place several types of bets on Ice Hockey

In Ice Hockey, as in many other professional sports, there are various aspects on which you can bet. On the ICCWIN platform, you can place bets on Ice Hockey such as:

  • Match Winner;
  • Double Chance;
  • Goals Handicap;
  • Total Goals;
  • Outcome;
  • 1st Goal;
  • Win/Draw/Win;
  • Draw No Bet;
  • Money Line.

You can also bet on the Hockey player who you think will score the first, second, and subsequent goals. Either way, a wide variety of markers for Hockey events are waiting for you on the ICCWIN website, so you will have plenty to choose from to make the most winning bet.

Teams and ratings of 2023 Ice Hockey

Top 10 strongest ice hockey teams in 2023

When you are betting on Hockey, you must have as much information on the subject as possible so that you can make the most of your bets. And one of the things you should be aware of is the team rankings in Ice Hockey. That’s why we’ve prepared a table for you, where you can see the current ranking of Hockey teams today:

4United States3775

The information is based on the IIHF world ranking. This ranking is published after each IIHF World Championship and Olympic Ice Hockey tournament. Accordingly, it is current today and will be updated in May 2023.

The odds of winning the 2023 Hockey team

Matches and odds on them which offers ICCWIN bettors

The odds are the basis of your winning bets, because the higher they are, the higher your winnings. That’s why we present you with a table of odds for the closest Hockey matches available at ICCWIN:

Detroit Red Wings vs. Florida Panthers2.87 on Detroit Red Wings, 2.00 on Florida Panthers, 4.20 on Draw
Calgary Flames vs. New York Islanders1.76 on Calgary Flames, 3.45 on New York Islanders, 4.25 on Draw
Anaheim Ducks vs. San Jose Sharks2.70 on Anaheim Ducks, 2.10 on San Jose Sharks, 4.20 on Draw
Moose Jaw Warriors vs. Calgary Hitmen2.00 on Moose Jaw Warriors, 2.65 on Calgary Hitmen, 4.10 on Draw
East Hokkaido Cranes vs. Yokohama Grits1.60 on East Hokkaido Cranes, 3.80 on Yokohama Grits, 4.50 on Draw
Red Eagles Hokkaido vs. Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks1.80 on Red Eagles Hokkaido, 3.20 on Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks, 4.25 on Draw
Tohoku Free Blades vs. Anyang Halla7.50 on Tohoku Free Blades, 1.25 on Anyang Halla, 5.75 on Draw
Tappara vs. EV Zug2.20 on Tappara, 2.60 on EV Zug, 4.00 on Draw
Frolunda HC vs. Lulea HF2.10 on Frolunda HC, 2.75 on Lulea HF, 4.00 on Draw

Tips on Ice Hockey Betting

The best and most effective tips for successful ice hockey betting on ICCWIN

When placing bets on any sport, including Ice Hockey, it is important to consider several factors that will help make your bets as profitable as possible. And while professional bettors know what to look out for when placing bets, beginners might not. That’s why we offer you various Hockey betting tips that you can learn and use to make more profits:

  • Research information about the teams. Try to be aware of the form of a particular team, their motivation to win, the optimal line-up, the stable physical condition of the players, etc. Read reviews, news, and statistics, and evaluate the results of the last 5-7 encounters, how many wins they have had, and whether the opponents were strong teams. All these factors have a big influence on the outcome of the game, and therefore on the winning of your bets.
  • Place your bets wisely. Refrain from long-term bets, which are unlikely to pay off, or betting on favorites, which will not bring you any profit if you win.
  • Bet on markets you know well. Since a sport like Hockey has a wide variety of markets, find out which markets you have had the most success with, and focus the bulk of your bets there.
  • Keep a record of the bets placed. You will always have details of your previous bets available, which means you will already know which markets have been the most profitable, and this will help you when placing new Hockey bets. 
  • Place bets on events in which you are more knowledgeable. Agree, it is better to be confident in your bet on a league match that you know better than to bet on a match where each player may act differently.

ICCWIN Ice Hockey Betting App

What features of the ICCWIN website are available on the mobile betting app

ICCWIN users can bet on Ice Hockey matches not only through the desktop version but also anywhere, thanks to the bookmaker’s mobile app. It is available as a free download for Android devices, and iOS gadget users can use the optimized web app. It is fully compliant with the functionality of the official website, so it offers users the same tools for quality and profitable betting. In the app, you’ll be able to register, make a deposit, get a welcome bonus, place Hockey bets, cash out your winnings, and much more. And it’s all available anytime, anywhere!

Other Sports at ICCWIN

Sports other than Ice Hockey that Indian players can bet on ICCWIN

As well as betting on Hockey, ICCWIN offers several platforms on its website for both pre-match and live betting on the following sports disciplines:

  • Soccer;
  • Saba Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • eSports;
  • Cricket;
  • Tennis;
  • Boxing/MMA;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Volleyball;
  • Baseball;
  • Motorsports;
  • Lotto;
  • Football;
  • Golf;
  • Muay Thai;
  • Rugby;
  • Handball, etc.


Which popular Ice Hockey leagues can I bet on at ICCWIN?

The following leagues are currently available for your betting: National Hockey League, American Hockey League, Canada Western Hockey League, Kontinental Hockey League, Alps Hockey League, Asia Hockey League, Czech Republic Extraliga, and others.

Can I place live Hockey bets?

Yes. ICCWIN offers live betting on Hockey matches.

How do I bet on Hockey with the ICCWIN app?

To place a bet on Hockey or any other sport via the app, you will need to open the sportsbook in the app, select the desired sport and match on which you wish to bet, select the odds, enter the bet amount in the coupon and confirm the placement. All actions are the same as in the case of placing bets in the desktop version.

At what age can I place bets on Hockey on ICCWIN?

According to ICCWIN’s current terms and conditions, anyone who is of legal age, namely 18 years or older, can register an account and place bets on the platform.