Self-Exclusion & Resposible Gaming on ICCWIN

The purpose of the company is to ensure quality entertainment, offering the opportunity in an absolutely safe and regulated manner, with fun in a safe environment. We want our players to have fun on our website so we urge everyone to play responsibly.

For these Terms and Conditions:

  • Account means a single account created by you to access our services or part of our services.
  • Company (either referred to as “the company”, “we”, “us”, “our” in this agreement).
  • Service refers to the Website.
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Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion

The company aims to ensure quality entertainment, offering the opportunity in a safe and regulated manner, with fun in a secure environment.

We want our players to have fun on our website so we urge everyone to play responsibly. Our prevention policy aims to reduce the adverse effects of the gambling world while promoting responsible gambling.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the gambling experience with us is exciting and enjoyable. Still, at the same time, we remind all our users of the possible negative social and financial effects that result if pathological dependence on gambling is acquired.

ICCWIN adheres to the highest ethical standards.

The main objective of ICCWIN is to offer the service of entertainment through gambling and sports betting to the Players. For this reason, it takes all necessary precautions to ensure that this principle prevails.

Therefore, each Player has at his disposal some restrictive options, thanks to which he can select limits on the deposit amounts, betting amounts, etc. These may be requested internally through our customer service channels.

In addition, the team of ICCWIN scrupulously controls the gaming accounts in order to exclude minors and players with a tendency to gambling addiction.

Gambling should not harm relationships with family and friends. The service offered is for entertainment through gambling; if you are not aware of the harm caused to third parties, you should avoid continuing to play to avoid interpersonal problems. We suggest our users do not borrow money to gamble, avoid indebtedness, and organize their finances invested in this type of activity.

Finally, the player must maintain the responsibility that using money in this activity is wholly destined for fun and entertainment and not for daily purchases.

Our support will help you via email anytime at any additional cost. Our support will not give information about you without your consent to anyone.

How to recognize an addiction?

  • If during gambling, you do not realize how much time and money you have spent gambling.
  • If you frequently think about gambling and cannot concentrate on anything else.
  • If you are facing financial difficulties.
  • If you are neglecting your family, work, or school because of gambling.
  • If you are borrowing money to gamble.
  • If you deny or hide your frequent gambling.
  • If you fight with your family and friends because of gambling.
  • If you consider gambling as a source of income.
  • If you have lost interest in your passions and friends.
  • If you gamble more and more money.

Valuable tips for responsible gambling at ICCWIN

ICCWIN recommends the following tips before gambling to ensure that gambling is just fun for you and does not have any negative effects.

  • Gambling can represent an enjoyable and exciting time, but the Player must exercise self-control to avoid addiction.
  • To learn the rules of online games and to know the sound effects and graphics used, we advise you to try the free games available on the Internet.
  • Set a deposit limit.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Do not try to win back your bets.
  • Do not play when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol.

Prohibition of minors

The law prohibits minors under the age of 18 (as applicable in the relevant jurisdiction) from opening a gaming account and wagering at ICCWIN. If minors are found gambling on ICCWIN, they will be blocked and, if necessary, the authorities in charge will be contacted.

Self Exclusion

In case you have been diagnosed with gambling addiction or try to stay away from gambling for a different reason, we want to help you stay away from anything that will not bring you any good. “Self Exclusion” means that you exclude yourself under your own decision from all gambling-related services.

This exclusion cannot be undone for a certain period. If you wish to exclude yourself, please send a message to our support and give a period to apply. They will also explain the steps to follow. This process will take between 24 and 72 business hours.

Please note that the opt-out is permanent for the selected period and will not be removed for your protection.

What does ICCWIN advise?

Make sure you only bet for fun, don’t lose control, and keep these simple rules in mind: 

  • Create a play limit for yourself and NEVER exceed it. 
  • Play only the amount of money initially established. 
  • Stop playing when you have exceeded your initial playing time limit. 
  • DO NOT PLAY more money than you can risk losing. 
  • Do not spend money intended for other things on gambling. 
  • If you decide to stop gambling or gamble less, stick to this decision. 
  • Avoid betting too often on the change or the rest of the game. 
  • Do not bet to recover your losses. 
  • Avoid considering gambling as a solution to your problems or inconveniences.
  •  NEVER borrow money to gamble. 
  • Consider that the money lost in gambling is the price you pay for your entertainment. 
  • Don’t lie to your friends or family about the amount of money you have lost gambling or the time you have spent gambling. 
  • Ask for help if you think you are spending too much or gambling too often. 
  • Don’t miss work to gamble. 
  • Don’t gamble when you feel depressed, lonely, bored, tense, or anxious.

About our company

Feel free to email us any problems you may have with gambling addiction and we will help you set up a deposit limit or even close your gambling account for a period of time. 

Minors and Gambling It is forbidden for persons under 18 years of age to open an account or gamble with us. 

The company takes this a severe problem and takes all possible preventive measures, such as electronic verifications.