ICCWIN Rugby Betting

In this article, you will find the latest information on how to bet on rugby, as well as statistics. Read about odds of winning and betting tips.

There are many players who bet on live rugby matches and if you are one of them, ICCWIN can help you a lot. Let’s see how to bet on rugby at ICCWIN. The site offers Rugby League and Rugby Union. However, Rugby Union is more famous among fans of this sport, in which 15 players participate. In our article, you will find the latest information on how to bet on rugby, as well as statistics.

What is Rugby

What is rugby and its features for betting on ICCWIN

Rugby is a popular and spectacular team sport, in fact, one of the types of rugby that originated in the 19th century in England. Apart from the UK, the sport is very popular in Australia, France, New Zealand and Africa. And Indians love to bet on rugby at ICCWIN.

Upcoming events and dates

What matches are coming up in the coming year and will soon be available for betting on ICCWIN

In order to be aware of all the events and have time to place bets, you need to know about all the events in the competitive market. The table below will show when these bets can be placed, namely the events that are expected in the near future.

A2023-Sep-08France New ZealandStade de France, Saint-Denis
A2023-Sep-09Italy Africa 1Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint-Étienne
B2023-Sep-09Ireland Europe 2Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
C2023-Sep-09Australia Europe 1Stade de France, Saint-Denis
D2023-Sep-09England ArgentinaStade Vélodrome, Marseille
B2023-Sep-10South Africa ScotlandStade Vélodrome, Marseille
C2023-Sep-10Wales FijiStade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
D2023-Sep-10Japan Americas 2Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
A2023-Sep-14France Americas 1Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille
A2023-Sep-15New Zealand Africa 1Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
B2023-Sep-16Ireland Asia/Pacific 1Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
C2023-Sep-16Wales Final Qualifier WinnerStade de Nice, Nice
D2023-Sep-16Oceania 1Americas 2Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
B2023-Sep-17South Africa Europe 2Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
C2023-Sep-17Australia FijiStade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint-Étienne
D2023-Sep-17England JapanStade de Nice, Nice
A2023-Sep-20Italy Americas 1Stade de Nice, Nice
A2023-Sep-21France Africa 1Stade Vélodrome, Marseille
D2023-Sep-22Argentina Oceania 1Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint-Étienne
B2023-Sep-23South Africa IrelandStade de France, Saint-Denis
C2023-Sep-23Europe 1Final Qualifier WinnerStadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
D2023-Sep-23England Americas 2Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille
B2023-Sep-24Scotland Asia/Pacific 1Stade de Nice, Nice
C2023-Sep-24Wales AustraliaParc OL, Lyon
A2023-Sep-27Americas 1Africa 1Parc OL, Lyon
D2023-Sep-28Japan Oceania 1Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
A2023-Sep-29New Zealand ItalyParc OL, Lyon
B2023-Sep-30Scotland Europe 2Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille
C2023-Sep-30Fiji Europe 1Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux
D2023-Sep-30Argentina Americas 2Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
B2023-Oct-01South Africa Asia/Pacific 1Stade Vélodrome, Marseille
C2023-Oct-01Australia Final Qualifier WinnerStade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint-Étienne
A2023-Oct-05New Zealand Americas 1Parc OL, Lyon
A2023-Oct-06France ItalyParc OL, Lyon
B2023-Oct-07Ireland ScotlandStade de France, Saint-Denis
C2023-Oct-07Wales Europe 1Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
D2023-Oct-07England Oceania 1Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille
B2023-Oct-08Asia/Pacific 1Europe 2Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Lille
C2023-Oct-08Fiji Final Qualifier WinnerStadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
D2023-Oct-08Japan ArgentinaStade de la Beaujoire, Nantes
QF2023-Oct-14Winner of CRunner-up of DStade Vélodrome, Marseille
QF2023-Oct-14Winner of BRunner-up of AStade de France, Saint-Denis
QF2023-Oct-15Winner of DRunner-up of CStade Vélodrome, Marseille
QF2023-Oct-15Winner of ARunner-up of BStade de France, Saint-Denis
Semi Finals
SF2023-Oct-20Winner of QF1Winner of QF2Stade de France, Saint-Denis
SF2023-Oct-21Winner of QF3Winner of QF4Stade de France, Saint-Denis
3RD PLACE2023-Oct-27Runner-up of SF1Runner-up of SF2Stade de France, Saint-Denis
FINAL2023-Oct-28Winner of SF1Winner of SF2Stade de France, Saint-Denis

How to bet on Rugby

Step-by-step instructions for placing a rugby bet on ICCWIN

Rugby is present on almost all betting sites, including ICCWIN, as it is a very popular sport around the world. Even if rugby is not that popular in India, you can bet on this sport as there is a lot of information available.


One site in India with a focus on rugby is ICCWIN, one of the best betting sites in the world.

To access the rugby area, simply click on “Sports” and select from the menu on the left, as in the image below.


By clicking on sports, on the central screen you will find the games currently available.

The displayed odds initially show 1X2 markets, Asian Handicap and Over/Under.


Note that there are two symbols to the right of each game.

The first indicates that the game will be available for live betting as soon as it starts; the second character means that you have access to the team’s statistics for analysis.


Next, you will need to decide on the odds and the amount of the bet.

Having paid for it using a convenient payment method and confirming the details of your betting coupon, you can expect results.

Types of bets on Rugby events

Main types of bets which are available at ICCWIN

Rugby bets are divided into several types, the most popular of which are:

  • Single bet
  • Express course
  • Combined (systemic) rate
  • Single bet

There is nothing easier! A single bet is a bet on one event and one outcome. From now on, the player will be able to bet on the preferred type of result, for example, total goals, and final result.  On sites like ICCWIN, you can find all the explanations you need to get to know the markets and bet types better.

  • Express course

Express is a bet on the results of several games. The player will have access to single bet result types but will be able to bet on multiple events in a single bet. However, the player must take into account that in order to win a bet, he must be right in all games in which he bets.

  • Combined rate

In combined bets, the player can choose several outcomes in one bet. However, in the case of combination bets, all possible combinations of bets on these selections with a winning edge are covered, even if not all selections are winning. Combined bets include 2/3, 2/4 or 2/5 bets, where the first number indicates the number of bets that must be correct and the second number indicates the number of bets placed.

  • Other types of bets

Having beaten some players, betting with a handicap is becoming more accessible.

Handicap bets can be:

  • Asian Handicap;
  • European handicap.

A bet with a handicap gives an advantage to the team that is considered weaker. The handicap is given in decimal places and allows the odds to be more balanced, creating more competitive bets.

  • Match Winner Betting

The only thing to remember is that these are simple bets on which team will win a game of rugby. In the League and in the Union, there is a chance of a draw, but it is slim.

  • Player score

These games require players to predict the number of points that a player will score during a rugby match. There will be a wager on whether the match will end with over or under points.

  • Match result

This is one of the simplest odds for rugby matches. Players can bet on the victory, draw or defeat of their favorite team. Bets on the outcome of matches have limited value at the international level.

  • Tournament winner

As its name implies, the tournament winner bet is simply a wager on the team to win the tournament. In the event that your rugby team wins, you win your bet.

  • Top scorer of the tournament

The winner of the rugby tournament is determined by who scores the most points.

  • Draw no bet

The possibility of a draw is eliminated if there is no betting. Bettors can choose between home or away wins in this betting market.

Rugby Membership Rankings 2023

List of the best rugby teams in 2023
3New Zealand88.98
4South Africa88.97

Odds of winning Rugby teams 2023

What odds ICCWIN offers for rugby betting
New Zealand+306
South Africa+450

Rugby 2023 betting tips

The most effective tips for successful rugby betting at ICCWIN

If you want to be successful at rugby betting, check out our sports betting tips. So you can know in advance some points that are definitely worth remembering.

  • Rugby is a very productive game. As a rule, at least one of the teams scores at least 20+ points per game, so the total is most often around 38-42 points. Pay attention to the game and the activity of the team during the game in order to correctly bet on a live rugby match.
  • When you bet on rugby live, you should pay particular attention to weather conditions, which can play a significant role in the performance of the game. It is worth remembering that it is more difficult to play in bad weather: the number of goals scored is usually less, but the number of injuries, on the contrary, may increase. That is why, in bad weather, teams are unlikely to score as many points as indicated in the previous paragraph.
  • Since rugby is a very dynamic and contact game, there are many injuries in matches and the situation can sometimes become extremely unpredictable. Many bettors prefer to bet on live rugby because injuries can make a big difference in the game and it’s important to be aware of this and react as quickly as possible.
  • As with any sport, it is essential when betting live rugby to carefully analyze each upcoming match, studying starting lineups and analyzing substitutions as the game progresses. In addition, an experienced rugby bettor understands the team’s strategy and is guided by it when choosing bets.

Another great tool for online live rugby betting is cryptocurrencies. If you are completely sure that your bet is good and there is not much money in your account, this is an unpleasant situation. But if you use cryptocurrencies, you can fund your account in just a few seconds and end up making good profits. On our site, you can choose any cryptocurrency from the list of the most popular and proven ones!

 ICCWIN Rugby betting app

Characteristics and requirements of the ICCWIN mobile app

ICCWIN is a well-established online betting operator in the market, offering bonuses for new users and useful tools for players. When looking for good betting applications, you can pay attention to the ICCWIN betting site application which is available for Android and IOS operating systems and can be downloaded for free from the official website.

Thus, it fulfilled all the requirements for a betting application: a variety of markets, design quality, interesting odds, offers, withdrawals and much more. Another interesting thing was to point out how secure ICCWIN is as its encryption certificates work well on both computer and mobile. In addition, the site of the bookmaker does a good job with rugby, for special fans of this sport it is ideal.
ICCWIN even pays attention to small championships, obscure sports and a few very specific markets. This is interesting in that it will appeal to everyone who wants to diversify their bets.


After all, is it worth learning to bet on rugby?

Betting on rugby is very fun and easy. The game has several competitions around the world, and sports events are held almost daily. This ultimately makes rugby betting a very interesting activity for you. In addition to being a fun sport, it is also very different from football and even more interesting. This way you will be able to enjoy a much more physical and contact sport. If you’re the type of audience that likes things that are more direct and dynamic, rugby is definitely for you.

What is the difference between rugby and American football?

Many people confuse rugby with American football, as both sports have a lot in common. However, in rugby, you have a matchup between two teams with 15 players and the main goal is to get the oval ball into the opposing team’s zone. Each rugby match lasts 80 minutes, divided into two halves of 40 minutes each. It is important that you know this in order to understand how to bet on rugby. In this sport, the ball can only be passed forward or sideways. And in order to take steps forward, you need to hit the ball. Now that you have a better understanding of how the game works, we can talk about how to bet on rugby.

How to make a good prediction?

To make your prediction, take into account data such as team performance, player health, and even the weather. There is a wide range of information that can be analyzed, and the most reliable one should be chosen. It is also important that you understand that a forecast can never be sure that it will be right for you. It’s just a study of the game in question. Thus, the result will only be an indicator of what can happen on the field. However, since betting is specifically about odds, understanding this is important.