ICCWIN Table Tennis Betting

This page is all about Table Tennis betting on ICCWIN India. Check out the upcoming matches and latest odds. Check out the team rankings and get some valuable tips on Table Tennis betting.

Table Tennis attracts plenty of bettors from all over the world because of its thrilling action and unpredictability. The sport also has a large audience of fans from India who place bets on matches at betting shops almost daily. Table Tennis fans can make good money on their bets on the ICCWIN platform, which contains an incredibly large number of matches in the discipline, and offers high odds and several betting markets. On this page, we will give you all the information you need regarding Table Tennis betting so that you can earn more rupees with ICCWIN India!

What is Table Tennis?

History of the creation and development of Table Tennis as a sport

Table Tennis is an individual sport that involves two (or four) players. The objective of each participant is to throw a ball over the net to the opponent’s side of the table using their racket. The game is played on a rigid table divided by a net. 

The rules of Table Tennis are as follows: when serving the ball a player can hit it anywhere in the opponent’s half of the field, and when returning the ball, you must hit it before it bounces twice. The game is fast and requires quick reactions. 

The player who first scores 11 points wins. A point is scored when a player fails to return the ball according to the rules. Players alternate serves every two points, except when the score is 10-10 or a ‘deuce’. In this case, the players alternate the point.

The closest Table Tennis Matches at ICCWIN

What Table Tennis matches will be available for betting on ICCWIN in the near future

Hundreds of Table Tennis matches are played today in a variety of formats. Competitions can take place between men and women. ICCWIN offers pre-match and live betting on the sport’s hottest events. The table below shows the upcoming events offered by the bookmaker on which you can place your bets:

Czech TT Star Series Men SinglesFilip Delincak – Thomas Keinath01/09 LIVE02:45 PM
Czech TT Star Series Men SinglesTomas Konecny -Jiri Vrablik 01/09 LIVE03:15 PM
Czech TT Star Series Men SinglesAntonin Gavlas -Tomas Konecny01/09 LIVE04:45 PM
Czech TT Star Series Men SinglesDavid Reitspies – Thomas Keinath01/09 LIVE05:15 PM
Czech Liga Pro Men SinglesDalibor Kolek – Vlastimil Pszczolka01/09 LIVE02:00 PM
Czech Liga Pro Men SinglesMiroslav Nejedly – Karel Hons01/09 LIVE02:00 PM
Czech Liga Pro Men SinglesErik Mares – Vaclav Hruska Jr.01/10 12:00 AM
Russia Liga Pro Men SinglesIgor Minchenkov – Ivan Pandur01/09 LIVE01:15 PM
Russia Liga Pro Men SinglesAndrei Molodykh – Evgeny Kalashnikov01/09 LIVE01:15PM
Russia Liga Pro Men SinglesAleksandr Gusev – Anton Sokolov01/09 LIVE01:30 PM
Russia Liga Pro Men SinglesNikita Sukharnikov – Andrei Molodykh01/09 LIVE02:15 PM

This table does not include all the current upcoming matches. The full list is available on the official ICCWIN website under Table Tennis.

How to place a bet on Table Tennis at ICCWIN?

Step-by-step instructions on how to place bets on Table Tennis

While experienced bettors know all about the process of placing a bet, it can be difficult for beginners. If this is the first time you have come across placing a bet on Table Tennis (or any other sport), don’t worry, because here we will give you a complete guide to the process. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1

Open the official ICCWIN website and register on the platform. If you have an account – login with your username and password.


Step 2

Deposit rupees into your gaming account using any of the suggested payment methods.


Step 3

Visit the sports section on the ICCWIN platform and select the ‘Table Tennis’ tab in the sportsbook and then select the tournament and match you want to bet on.


Step 4

Click on the odds that appeal to you and enter the stake amount in the Betting Box.


Step 5

Confirm the bet placement.

From now on your bet will be processed and accepted instantly. If you win, you will automatically receive your winnings in your betting account at the end of the match.

Types of Bets on Table Tennis

Types of bets available on the site of bookmaker ICCWIN in the soccer section

Today there are a huge number of tournaments in Table Tennis. Matches on them are held both in national and international formats. On each of them, Table Tennis fans can make the following bets:

  • Match Winner;
  • Game Winner;
  • Total Points;
  • Handicap Points;
  • Correct Score;
  • Exact Total Games;
  • Under/over;
  • In How many games teams exceed 11 points;
  • Moneyline, etc.

Since each betting market has specific odds, you will be able to read them, analyze which market will earn you more rupees, and decide which bet to make.

Table Tennis 2023 Player Rankings

List of best Table Tennis players in 2023, presented on ICCWIN site

The more you know about Table Tennis, the more profitable your bets will be. You can earn more rupees on your bets if you take into account several important points such as the location of the match, the player’s fitness, his motivation to win, and others. Also, it is important to consider the player rating as well, especially when it comes to major events. We’ve done our best for you and have prepared a table with the current ITTF Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis World Rankings:

RankWomen’s NameCountryPointsMen’s NameCountryPoints
1Chen MengChina19,750Fan ZhendongChina18,490
2Sun YingshaChina16,400Xin XuChina17,260
3Mima ItoJapan15,830Long MaChina17,020
4Wang ManyuChina14,555Gaoyuan LinChina13,390
5Ding NingChina13,450Tomokazu HarimotoJapan12,990
6Zhu YulingChina12,225Hugo CalderanoBrazil12,315
7Liu ShiwenChina12,075Yun-Ju LinTaiwan12,150
8Cheng I-ChingTaiwan11,710Mattias FalckSweden11,695
9Kasumi IshikawaJapan11,110Liang JingkunChina11,205
10Yidi Wang China11,035Timo BollGermany 10,685

ICCWIN odds of winning Table Tennis players 2023

What odds on winning ICCWIN offers Table Tennis fans

For our users, ICCWIN strives to offer only the highest and most competitive odds for all sports, including Table Tennis. In the table below you can see the current odds for the upcoming Table Tennis matches:

Filip Delincak – Thomas Keinath2.81 on Filip Delincak, 1.38 on Thomas Keinath
Tomas Konecny -Jiri Vrablik 1.61 on Tomas Konecny, 2.19 on Jiri Vrablik 
Antonin Gavlas -Tomas Konecny1.85 on Antonin Gavlas, 1.85 on Tomas Konecny
David Reitspies – Thomas Keinath1.11 on David Reitspies, 5.54 on Thomas Keinath
Dalibor Kolek – Vlastimil Pszczolka1.67 on Dalibor Kolek, 2.08 on Vlastimil Pszczolka
Miroslav Nejedly – Karel Hons1.28 on Miroslav Nejedly, 3.27 on Karel Hons
Erik Mares – Vaclav Hruska Jr.1.91 on Erik Mares, 1.80 on Vaclav Hruska Jr.
Igor Minchenkov – Ivan Pandur1.82 on Igor Minchenkov, 1.88 on Ivan Pandur
Andrei Molodykh – Evgeny Kalashnikov1.85 on Andrei Molodykh, 1.85 on Evgeny Kalashnikov
Aleksandr Gusev – Anton Sokolov1.75 on Aleksandr Gusev, 1.97 on Anton Sokolov
Nikita Sukharnikov – Andrei Molodykh1.85 on Nikita Sukharnikov, 1.85 on Andrei Molodykh

Tips on Table Tennis Betting

Top tips for successful Table Tennis betting at ICCWIN

Now that you know the rules of Table Tennis, player ratings, upcoming matches, and current odds, it’s time to give some tips on Table Tennis betting! Here are five top tips for online Table Tennis betting on the ICCWIN platform:

  • Research the information. Knowing many aspects will allow you to greatly increase your chances of winning. Study the player’s past game statistics, the player’s form, his winning and losing streak, his motivation to win, his growth/decline in skill, etc. Visit players’ social pages where they can share information about themselves, their style of play, and the upcoming matches they will be playing in.
  • Take into account the player’s ranking. The ITTF World Table Tennis Ranking uses a points-based system to rank the best Table Tennis players from around the world. This information will help you if you don’t know whether to bet on a particular player.
  • Listen to the experts’ opinions. Professional bettors or experts in the Table Tennis world often give plenty of valuable advice or share their often-winning predictions on their blogs or various forums. Visit them to be aware of many things.
  • Learn the style of play. The style of play plays a crucial role in determining the winner of a match. A right-handed player can easily lose to a left-handed player or vice versa. Also, the grip is another factor that can affect the course of a match. European players, for example, take longer to compete against opponents who use a grip, while Asian players don’t like to face opponents who use a traditional grip. 
  • Head to head. Table tennis is not as body fatiguing as other sports, and players accordingly have a large number of matches under their belt. This usually means that there is an extensive match history between the competitors. This can often shed light on how the next encounter will turn out. Thus, it will help you in predicting Table Tennis betting.

These are the basic tips we wanted to share with you. Stick to them and you can earn a lot more rupees by placing Table Tennis bets.

ICCWIN Table Tennis App

How to download and install the ICCWIN application and start betting on Table Tennis

If you want to bet on Table Tennis away from home – use the free ICCWIN mobile app. With it, the bookmaker will always be at your fingertips, which means you can bet and earn rupees anytime and anywhere in India. The app is fully compliant with the functionality of the official website, so all the tools you need for quality betting. Accordingly, you will be able to register or log into your account, make deposit and withdrawal transactions, use bonuses including the welcome bonus, contact customer support, and most importantly, bet on Table Tennis, and any other sports.

The app automatically adjusts to the screen sizes of any gadget, has minimal system requirements, and works correctly and smoothly. Download it for free from the official site and enjoy betting wherever you are!

Other Sports

What sports are available for betting on the website and in ICCWIN app

ICCWIN is a bookmaker’s office that offers over 30 sports for betting on both pre-match and live events. In addition, you’ll be able to bet on the most popular sports on various platforms such as SBO, SABA, ICC Sports, and a few others. Here’s a look at some of the sporting disciplines you can bet on:

  • Cricket;
  • Soccer;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Volleyball;
  • Tennis;
  • Golf;
  • Rugby;
  • eSports;
  • Virtual Sports;
  • Basketball;
  • Football;
  • Motorsports;
  • Snooker;
  • Handball, etc.

In addition, ICCWIN offers betting on events in the Finance and Lotto sections. Either way, you’ll have plenty to choose from as every sport discipline has a page with information about upcoming matches, odds, markets, etc.


Which popular Table Tennis leagues can I bet on at ICCWIN?

The bookmaker currently offers a huge number of leagues such as Czech Liga Pro, and Russia Liga Pro.

What are the most popular Table Tennis Tournaments available for online betting?

Some of the highest-profile and most popular Table Tennis tournaments are the TT Cup, Setka Cup, TT Elite Series, and Czech Liga Pro.

Can I bet on Table Tennis from my mobile device?

Yes. You can use the mobile version of the site or download the free ICCWIN app from the official website.

Can I bet on Table Tennis in rupees?

Yes, ICCWIN accepts rupees, so you can make a deposit and cash out your winnings in this currency.