ICCWin eSoccer 2023

Today, we would like to tell you about the eSoccer betting options at ICCWin, as well as show you how to place bets on ICCWin eSoccer.

What is eSoccer 

Features of eSoccer as a sport to bet on ICCWIN

eSoccer is a form of eSports betting dedicated to soccer. It is close to real Soccer, yet in eSoccer, people are not required to run around a field. The eSoccer industry is huge, just like any other eSports industry, and includes thousands of professional players who know everything about each and every aspect of the game, which makes eSoccer betting all the more enjoyable today.

Upcoming eSoccer Events

The table with upcoming ICCWin eSoccer events

In the table below, you will be able to see the upcoming ICCWin eSoccer events.

Real Sociedad(Jindrich) vs Sevilla FC(PinkElephant)January 17th, 09.00 AM
Valencia FC(Steppy21) vs Villarreal CF(Jindrich)January 17th, 09.30 AM
Valencia FC(Steppy21) vs Athletic Club(PinkElephant)January 17th, 10.00 AM
Real Madrid(Johnny) vs PSG(Bronyn)January 17th, 11.00 AM
Brazil(RuBIX) vs Portugal(Bombi1t0)January 17th, 12.00 AM

How to Place a eSoccer Bet

Instructions for Indian users on how to bet on eSoccer

In order to place a bet on eSoccer, you will only have to do the following steps:


Open the website or the mobile app of ICCWin India;


Press “Sign Up” to create a new account or log into an already existing one;


Make a deposit of at least 200 rupees;


Open the eSports section of the Sportsbook and select eSoccer;


Pick the match depending on the odds and betting markets;


Enter the amount of your bet and confirm it.

Types of eSoccer Bets

Types of eSoccer Bets available on ICCWIN bookmaker site

eSoccer has a list of the most popular betting types. They are:

  • Outright Winner, which requires you to predict the winner of the tournament that is played;
  • Full Time, which is a bet that requires you to guess the winner of the match. This bet does not include extra time or penalties, but it does include injuries;
  • Total Goals, which, as the name suggests, requires you to guess the total amount of goals of the match correctly;
  • Next Goal, which requires you to predict which team will score the next goal in the match.

eSoccer Ratings in 2023

List of the best eSoccer players to bet on ICCWIN in 2023

While eSoccer betting, it is really important to pick a player that has a great reputation and skill. The list of the best eSoccer players include:

  • Donovan Hunt;
  • Niklas Raseck;
  • Diogo Mundes;
  • Thomas Leese;
  • Henrique Lempke;
  • Olle Arbin;
  • Umit Gültekin;
  • Flávio De Almeida Brito;
  • Aldossary Mossad;
  • Diego Campagnani. 

All of them have shown incredible performance while playing eSoccer matches, so you can rest assured they will not disappoint while you bet on them.

eSoccer Betting Odds

Odds on eSoccer offered by ICCWIN bookmaker users

ICCWin provides great betting odds for eSoccer. As you may know, the betting odds are the deciding factor when it comes to betting, and at ICCWin, the eSoccer betting odds are huge. All of them start from at least 2.5 and can range to up to 15, which means you will be able to win tons of money from various matches.

Tips for eSoccer Betting

Tips for successful betting on ICCWIN: get more from eSoccer

We would like to share some eSoccer betting tips with you. They are:

  • Place smaller bets first. If you are new to eSoccer betting, we highly recommend placing bets with small amouts first. This way, you will be able to have a better understanding of eSoccer betting sooner, as well as not lose much money by doing so. This is also used by professional betting fans to win more money;
  • Observe the eSoccer market. The eSoccer industry provides tons of new betting options each day, as thousands of matches are played each day. Therefore, you have to carefully observe them and pick only the ones that have a higher winning chance for you. Even if the match does not provide incredibly huge winnings, it’s still better to pick a match where you will be certain you will win, right?
  • Use promotions. ICCWin provides a wide range of bonuses and promotions for its users, thanks to which, you will be able to win a lot more money. You can use the Welcome Bonus of ICCWin, as well as other bonuses and promotions, such as Daily Rebate, Cashback and other bonuses.

ICCWin App for eSoccer Betting

ICCWIN mobile app for betting on eSoccer on your device

ICCWin provides a mobile app for eSoccer betting. You can use it on both Android and iOS mobile devices without having to pay anything for it, as it is absolutely free to use for anyone. The mobile app of ICCWin features all the same eSoccer matches, as well as will let you pick from the same tournaments and leagues.

In order to get the ICCWin mobile app, all you will need to do is to open the official website of ICCWin and press the button with a smartphone icon. Then, pick the version of the app, and the download process will begin. Once it finishes, you will only have to install the app and start using it for eSoccer betting.

Other Sports

Sports that Indian users can bet on through the website or app

ICCWin provides a wide range of other Sports disciplines with great betting conditions apart from eSoccer. Their list include:

  • Table Tennis;
  • Soccer;
  • Saba Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • Volleyball;
  • Rugby;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • Valorant;
  • Handball;
  • Cricket and many more.

All of them are also available in Live mode, allowing you to watch the match and place bets on the match as it is going.


Can I place multiple eSoccer bets at once at ICCWin?

Absolutely! ICCWin lets all of its players place multiple bets at once, so doing so with eSoccer will not be a problem at all.

Does the mobile app of ICCWin have different eSoccer bets?

No. Since the mobile app of ICCWin provides the same functionality, you will not find any different eSoccer bets in the app. Nevertheless, all the bets of the app are profitable, and will let you win a lot of money!

Can my friends use my account for eSoccer betting?

No, they can not. The Terms and Conditions of ICCWin imply that a user can only use his/her account themselves and cannot share it with others. By doing so, you risk your account getting banned.

Are the ICCWin eSoccer tournaments getting updated?

Yes, they do. ICCWin constantly updates their eSoccer betting page, so you will have no problem finding new matches every day.